The mission of #Mae Organization is to facilitate the healing of our greatest paralyzing enemies: #Depression, #Anxiety, and #ptsd to our RI homeless demographic by providing multifaceted holistic therapeutic programs thus healing the whole person: Mind, Body, Spirit.

Mae right now:

We currently provide hot meals, toiletries, shoes, bikes, tents to over 300 homeless and at risk individuals on the streets of Providence. We are boots on the ground in community outreach procuring homeless individuals and providing on-site services or taking them to shelter. We are helping moms get into apartment living and preventing homelessness for them and their children.

We love creating amazing memories with moms/children by providing memorable events for them; For example, this past December we treated homeless moms and children to an evening at The Nutcracker- complete with food, mom makeovers, toys for the children and limo ride to and from a venue. It was amazing...

Why #Mae has chosen holistic therapeutic programs:

Expressive Arts programs have been proven worldwide to be extremely beneficial in hospitals and different facilities in the healing process of aids, cancer patients, alcohol dependency, children and adults with ADD /ADHD and many other ailments.

Martinha, the founder of Mae, has herself studied and personally benefited from these amazing programs. "I believe we must first heal within emotionally so that we can function outwardly in our ever fast-paced world and environments". If our homeless population is not able to have more access to healing programs like ours, although housing and jobs may become available, without having healed or be at best “balanced” the chains of depression and anxiety these individuals will be unable to break the cycle.